Tobey’s secret log of unappreciated creativity bursts.

The Internet

This is my humble submission to weekend challenge #397, theme: “The Internet”.
First with simple particles because I couldn’t make those digits work. Then corrected and re-submitted with digits, closer to the original idea. I was initially winning but then turned the whole competition over by voting for Robo3DGuy ;-)
PS: Nice job Robo3D, congrats!

Update: The pumpjack project

The pumpjack is now pretty much completed and ready for texturing/rigging. The bare model is available for purchase on Turbosquid:
See model and turntable animation at Turbosquid

Toilet paper

I was challenged by my sister’s boyfriend to create a fairly realistic looking toilet paper. Your wish is my command! :-)

Omnia: Take One

This is a WIP version of my recent work on a model of Samsung Omnia, the one smartphone that accounts for every single gadget I could possibly ever want to have… Combined with some other nifty gadgets like BT headphones, lol.

Thruster / jet engine prototype

This is the result of my brief play with Blender’s particle system and force fields. A mere prototype, which could be improved and used later on as a part of a more complex model. Yah, nuthin’ too fancy here.

My very first prototype of a jet engine created with Blender. This is its test run.

enxp: enlightening experience

A website project I have been working on lately. Logo made in Blender. All the rest is secret :-D

Electrical Plug

One Sunday afternon’s worth of work. Was it really worth it? I’d like to believe so since my Blender skills have again shifted forward slightly. Inspired by Jonathan Williamson’s work.

Pumpjack Model

I’d like to use this model of mine on a project in the future that I visualise in my mind. This is the progress so far – incomplete model with base materials.

Almost Calendar

Had I spent some additional time on it and gave it a paper texture, this little guy may have made it to one good looking calendar. Hey man, don’t give up on me this fast, come on, some texturing and more details are just a few minutes aw.. :-)
What’s next?

Whispering: Hang tough, Calendar! I’ll be back!

The One And The Other One

Ehm… When I’m ready, I won’t have to dodge bullets. Until then, I better improve my agility. This is my tribute to the revolutionary idea of The Matrix and seldom my avatar too. Bullets made with Blender, the rest with Gimp.

Talk 2 Tobey – simple personal webpage

I made this webpage as a quick reference for anyone who would’ve wanted to use the great VoIP app “PicoPhone” in order to call me via the Net, back in the school days. I’m not using it anymore but the site remains up. Guess I just like its clear design focused on simplicity and don’t feel like withdrawing it from the interwebs :-P


The message of this composition made with googled images is quite clear. Made with Gimp. Some pictures might be subject to copyright.


This image is rather self-explanatory. Processed in Gimp.

Concept: The World Display

The basic idea is to create a website where people can share their thoughts and be allowed to re-post on the basis of their ratings, thus filtering the less interesting thoughts out of the system. I still consider it a good idea and might actually code it one day. At first sight it appears simple but thinking about it and putting it on paper, I soon realized it would require some massive amount of algorithms and math in order to work the desired way and not become just another “say whatever you want” blog.

Le Spoon

Having bought a brand new mini-set of cutlery, I was all too keen on making a model of it in Blender and trying to create a realistic silver material using RayTrace for it. I found myself struggling with lighting for a long time, finally resolved with a compromise and also managed to solve a sharp color transition by increasing dither value, as advised by some helpful BlenderArtists members.

The chameleonic look

Modeled and render with Blender, one Sunday’s work. It’s an awfully bare and undetailed model that needs serious adjustments but I have hard time returning to old models because learning something new every day, I usually find them too messy after some time passed and don’t feel like decluttering or cleaning them up. I just might start from the scratch one day too. The photo was taken by me in the municipal ZOO of Prague, Czech Republic.

Sunset + meadow + butterfly = you get the idea

This is a render of my work based on BlenderGuru Andrew’s tutorial at somewhat advanced stage, far from final though… the butterfly was a rather quick solution to the empty foreground and is too basic. The sunset itself is a photo from my own collection.

Concept: namEarth

The goal: renaming Earth. Pretty straightforward, eh? Since “Earth” is a mere English word, it might be nice to let our planet’s inhabitants choose a more appropriate, more “Universal” name. Everyone could have their say, the most frequent – common name wins.

PNG Transparency Rulez & Pwns

With IE 6 being cast with relief to the “never more” category even by the majority of users who traditionally fall behind ’slightly’, the advantages of *.png file format headed by transparency support can be taken and explored to full extent. That was actually the sole purpose of this simple mockup I put together within just a couple of minutes – my “Alpha Playground”. The outcome is modest by far but manages to demonstrate the power of transparency nicely.

SCO: In Loving Memory

Back in the days when I didn’t know how to make a full-screen background and lots of other things, this was a website dedicated to the great MMO game Space Cowboy Online, until Gameforge bought it and I stopped playing due to lack of time some months after. I spent a month of my holiday coding a project related to the game in PHP for other players to make use of. It had some flaws and my time spent on it didn’t pay off but at least I learned some PHP then. Wish my time schedule would one day allow me to continue playing while still learning 3D graphics and webdesign at the same time.

My old personal website

This is my old personal website including some basic information about me plus some articles, links and webdesign templates. I’ve never finished it but I did spend a considerable amount of time creating some PHP widgets for it etc. and it helped me learn some more coding.